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Vous êtes un:   Agence
Âge:   28 ans
Nationalité:   Czech
Couleur Cheveux:   Blond
Couleur d'yeux:   Bleu
Taille:   175 Cm
Poids:   58 Kg
Buste Mesures:   90
Mesures Taille:   60
Measurements Hips:   93
Services aux:   Hommes et femmes
Prix Premier Heure:   450
Téléphone:   XXXXXXXXXX
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Contact e-mail:   XXXXXXXXXX

A strongly sensual and tireless lady who loves experimenting in love. She is original and imaginative. She is very passionate and endowed with a powerful and mysterious aura. Her motto is "all or nothing". She prefers a free, genuine love and independence. She voluntarily proves to be faithful, but does not impose anything. She takes life seriously and likes tidiness, order, rules and fairness. She likes things under control. She likes looking for new values and sense of life.
She is active and consistent passing her goal and her ideals. She is cautious, she opens slowly and needs the time for it. After that, however, she is stable, reliable and strong woman who provides support and safety. Make sure.....

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In call 1 hour => 2 hours => night => Out Call 1 hour => 2 hours =>450 night =>1200

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