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Vous êtes un:   Agence
Âge:   21 ans
Nationalité:   Czech
Couleur Cheveux:   Brunette
Couleur d'yeux:   Brun
Taille:   176 Cm
Poids:   63 Kg
Buste Mesures:   92
Mesures Taille:   68
Measurements Hips:   94
Services aux:   Hommes et femmes
Prix Premier Heure:   300
Téléphone:   XXXXXXXXXX
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Contact e-mail:   XXXXXXXXXX

A charming lady, very feminine and cuddly. I like tenderness.
In relationships she is friendly, does not like conflicts. She has the feeling for the right moment. She is optimistic and confident. Never she forgets the growth, expansion and enjoys progress. She is creative and can get excited about. Sam is a benevolent, generous and tolerant young lady. She is able to reorient herself without any problem to new situations and new people. She is funny and original. She learns fast and has interes ting ideas. She can at the same time deal with many ideas. She likes the depth, revealing secrets and taboos. She seeks access to the concealed. She intuits well at trends and developments. She likes fairness. She loves freedom. She is courageous. Her emotions and feelings are vehement and passionate. She can beimpish and likes conquering.

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  GFE   Bisexual
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In call 1 hour => 2 hours => night => Out Call 1 hour => 2 hours => night =>1200

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