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Vous êtes un:   Independant Escorte
Âge:   26 ans
Nationalité:   Czech
Couleur Cheveux:   Noir
Couleur d'yeux:   Bleu
Taille:   178 Cm
Poids:   62 Kg
Buste Mesures:   93
Mesures Taille:   61
Measurements Hips:   93
Services aux:   Hommes et femmes
Prix Premier Heure:   1,300
Téléphone:   +420777566756
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Contact e-mail:   lara@try-it-companion.com
Website:   http://www.try-it-companion.com

A life optimist and a child of fortune. She is very attractive and appealing. Her beauty is very natural. She has a nice figure and beautiful hair. She is very charming, seductive and significantly feminine acting. Katherine is very creative and interesting. She is a chic and sophisticated girl. She has a refined taste and aesthetic perception. She loves art. She likes making friends.She has a spirit and can experience the joy of life to the fullest. In partnership she loves freedom and liberty, and that also providesher counterpart. She is a sporting girl who does not like conflicts. She is serene and relaxing.
She loves love, flirt and merriment and likes the attention. She is very keen on harmony, good style and proper behavior. She is very nice and a great companion and diplomat. She has a beneficial effects on others with her presence. Therefore, she is popular not only among his friends.

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